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Empower GMAT does an excellent job of providing you with an idea, of what kind of questions you need to be flawless on, and which questions you can afford to miss. Empower is one of the only courses that I have used, that emphasizes the kind of quick and dirty outside of the box thinking that you have to have in order to excel in quant. Rich goes out of his way to advise you on steps to take in your prep, and even talked with me about some highly personal issues that were preventing me from really focusing and getting my mind in the right place

My only criticism would be is that this course does not provide EVERYTHING you need. The course does tell you you will need an OG, but if you are aiming for a 700 plus score, you are going to need tons of resources for questions. If you try this course, please pair it not only with the OG, but also a really stout question pool like GMATCLUB quizzes and magoosh or egmat for verbal.

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