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Excellent course, would recommend!


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I scored a 500 on my first CAT...completely freaked me out and I started rethinking which schools I could even apply to. My goal was BYU, and their admitted students average a 680 on the GMAT. I found EMPOWERgmat and really enjoyed the format and structure from the 24 hour trial. I purchased a 3 month study program and it is the best money I've spent.

They give you a no-fluff, tactical approach to preparing for the GMAT. You learn all the fundamentals you need to answer every question, as well as tactics to answer the questions as efficiently as possible. They have a very solid understanding of how the GMAT works and share their knowledge with you over the course of the program so by the time test day rolls around, you are prepared to handle everything. They help you with pacing and knowing when to skip a question and when to put in the time to answer it correctly.

I took the GMAT after my 3 months of preparation concluded and scored a 680! Beyond thrilled, and I am certain it is due to EMPOWERgmat. I definitely put in lots of time, at least 3-4 hours a day for 3 months. But without EMPOWERgmat my studying would have been incoherent and inefficient. Strongly recommend EMPOWERgmat to anyone looking for a big score on the GMAT.

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