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I am a non-native English speaker but I have always been a natural with languages and have been exposed to English since childhood. On the other hand, mathematics have never been my strength. My Bachelor’s degree was in International Business and Management, but I struggled with economics and accounting classes. The Marketing Master’s program I wanted to enroll in demanded a minimum GMAT score of 550 for the verbal and quantitative parts combined.

After spending 3 months taking a local GMAT course that treated the GMAT as a math test, I failed miserably on my first attempt (350, Q6, V29). After completing 75% of the Total Score Booster plan in 4 weeks, my score went up 230 points on my second GMAT attempt (580, Q36, V34).

EMPOWERgmat's approach to the GMAT was like a breath of fresh air after 3 months of trying to learn complicated math concepts with another company and doing random GMAT problems without knowing what I was doing. EMPOWERgmat helped me change my mindset regarding the GMAT; it helped me see that it should not be approached as a math test. It also helped me become confident in dumping questions which I felt were too hard for me. Moreover, the plan was so motivating for me. Every day I was looking forward to what I was going to learn that day instead of dreading studying aimlessly all day. Almost every day I was having "aha" moments; it's like everything started to make sense.

While my first score was very low, the improvement that I made in 4 weeks with EMPOWERgmat makes me think that if someone was to follow the 3-month plan, they could achieve incredible results! And for anyone who is feeling hopeless, there is hope! You just have to dedicate yourself and trust the process of following a structured study plan!

I honestly can’t recommend EMPOWERgmat enough :)

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