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August 27 | 2012
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The reviewer was admit to the schools that they applied to:

Yes - got into all

This review is for: myEssayReview Essay Review
Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I was accepted into a business school of my choice within weeks of submitting my application!

Poonam is a master storyteller. I had changed 3 jobs within 5 years, and I was concerned how the Adcom would view it. Poonam turned it around and portrayed it as my strength, highlighting it as evidence of continuous career progression.

The process was fast and efficient! Poonam's greatest strength is the ability to understand the candidate's experience and what they aspire to do and be able to reflect that in the essays. I wrote about my work experience, goals and aspirations, and Poonam helped frame them in a way that made it stand out!

I would definitely recommend her!

- beatthegmatinSept (W.P. Carey - MBA)

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