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October 30 | 2013
     By davidlf 32 5
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Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I really enjoyed the process of working with Poonam, she offers a great service for those who need some directions or recommendations on how to put your ideas into paper.

She offers a structured approach on how to tackle the most common essay questions, and help you identify the best way to approach specific essay questions, in order to show the best of you in each essay. The service is excellent and the price is affordable, I have been already invited to 2 interviews and as an international applicant I would definitely recommend her services.

My native language is Spanish, and even though I feel comfortable with my level of English, as an international applicant, I wanted to make no mistakes. This was my first experience with a school application. She helped me structure my ideas in a logical way in order to show the best of me in every essay. I would definitely work with her again.

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