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February 15 | 2014
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Some, but not all

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Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I came to Poonam after I got the referral from a friend who got into Kellogg and that was about three weeks before the R2 deadline. Poonam was very accommodating even though she was very busy with her other clients at the time.

After a 30 minutes consultation over the phone, we got the ball rolling. First, Poonam imparted me the best structures for different essays, be it leadership or career goal. After we got the storie lines hammered out, we started working on refining and editing the essays. I like the way Poonam challenges me to get the essay in shape because everyone has a different story and Poonam stimulated me to bring the best side of the story instead of re-writing my stories in her way. That kept the originality of my stories so that they didn't sound like cookie cutters.

We started off our cooperation with a 24 to 48 hours turnaround agreement and Poonam showed her dedication of punctuality through the whole process. Since everyone is faced with the same deadlines, I respected this policy, but I did expedite my part to save some time in the process.

I just submitted my second application in this round and got an interview invite from the first school. I am happy with the result so far because at least I feel that I have submitted an application of much better quality than the ones I did by myself in first rounds.

Experience matters most in B-school applications. Unfortunately, for most people like me, applying to B-school is a once-in-a-lifetime task. That is why I decided to get some help from Poonam, using her experience in B-school application and Linguistics to present my story more strongly.

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