July 10, 2014

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I decided to sign up for your essay review services after reading your blogs. I believed that you were not only an expert in editing, but also have expertise in the B- School applications With your guidelines, I observed that both the stories I firstly chose might be conflicted with each other, making each other less convincing. This was a key point in the correction. You helped me to connect the link between my passion, my past and current achievements, the MBA and Post MBA Goals, making them more systematical rather than fragmented.

You downsized my stories so quickly and so effectively that I was impressed. I really appreciate your work efficiency; it is an important lesson for me to learn. A role Model in this aspect. Thank you so much. Your work attitude, your principle of time management really encouraged me. I often forgot that you are a grandma, because you are still so hard-working, helping students to attend their dream-schools.

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