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Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I saw a post on FB that recommended MyEssayReview services. After that, I immediately went to the website and saw a bunch of good samples and good reviews. I had a strong intuition about positive outcome the services could provide, so I requested for free consultation meeting.

We had a very strong first discussion, and it solidified my desire to use the services. We spent about 30 minutes on a call and Poonam first introduced herself, and then explained her services and the standard process of essay review. Lastly, she gave me tips and tools to start writing and we reconvened a few days later. The one hour brainstorming session was also very positive. Poonam was able to adjust my thinking to how I would approach each essay. I realized that my initial idea of how to approach the essay was all wrong.

Poonam’s suggestions / pointers were all very straightforward and extremely helpful to follow. Also, each essay I started with a brainstorm, and she quickly pointed me in the right direction and helped me craft a succinct and powerful essay which answered the question in its entirety. The structure and framework help was invaluable; my initial drafts were all over the place and skirted around answering the question. With a few minor adjustments, she brought the essay to life, increased readability, and guided me in the proper direction regarding what needed to be added to fully answer the question.

For editing, I would give her 10 out of 10. Through multiple drafts (6 iterations on my 2nd essay) her advice was invaluable and helped me focus and rethink how I should properly approach the problem (what was working, what wasn’t working). Regarding turnarounds, I was the one who missed the 24 to 48 hour turnaround times which happened a handful of times. She never missed a single one, and they were usually well in advance of the timeline. On average, it was closer to a few hours.

I am extremely happy with the services and would recommend this to anyone who needs guidance with properly formulating an essay. Although I was ecstatic that I was done with the process, it was bittersweet as I thoroughly enjoyed our back and forth iterations and feedback, comments within the documents.

I am accepted by the MBA @UNC. I began classes last month and am really enjoying it. It was great working with you, Poonam! I am very happy I went ahead and used you.

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