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Authentic Guidance


After reading Poonam’s profile and testimonials, I was sure that Poonam would guide me to retain a personal touch in the essays and help portray ‘me’. I did not feel that MER is very commercially focused, rather a service that ensures proper guidance and genuine support during the tedious yet thrilling application process. I got a clear understanding of the work function methodology of MER that helped us to set appropriate expectations, areas of improvement, understanding the application from the viewpoint of ad-com. The most exciting part was connecting the dots to build a story flow.

Poonam had a very good understanding of my profile; this was evident from her suggestions during the editing process. She asked questions whenever she felt something was vague. Her manner of editing the stories while adhering to the key components in the challenging word limit keeps the message intact. The structure was logical and helped me understand the flow. Actually, Poonam’s suggestion for organizing the essays helped me learn this technique, which I have started applying to my professional work emails – the lengthy ones. I remember during one school’s essay editing process, she separated paragraphs, and that made the essay more comprehensible. For all essays, the sentence structure was crisp, and punctuations positioning were sensible. This was also very helpful during the resume preparation.

Poonam is very prompt in answering any queries and followed up if I missed any of the ongoing points of suggestion/discussion during the editing process. Poonam was very professional in turnarounds. She sent all edits within two days’ period as promised.

I am happy to say that I have received an admit offer from one of the top 20 US B-schools, and I have accepted it. Thanks, Poonam, for your guidance. Yes, I would definitely recommend MER to any of my friends looking for an admission consultant to help with their MS/MBA application process.

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