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Accepted into LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy program


I came across MER during a Google search and then read about it on GMAT club.
Positive reviews enticed me to leverage MER. I moved pretty quickly through the
first two drafts and the Zoom session happened after draft 2. It helped in several
ways – to identify key areas that need to be improved, zero-in on specific
paragraphs that need edit, etc. Poonam was pointed in her feedback during the
session which suited my style of working.
Poonam spent time going through my profile which helped both of us focus on
specific areas only. My first draft contained the stories that I wanted to include in
the essays. They were not well organized, were verbose and needed better
organization. Poonam was very good at ensuring that all the required corrections
were made to the essays.
Editing was one area that made a tremendous difference. My essays were well over
the limit on number of words. Poonam’s work made the magic. Besides correcting
punctuation and structuring sentences, she was able to make the stories concise and
Poonam was prompt in responses and answers to queries. As promised in the
Agreement, Poonam was always on time. I am a stickler when it comes to
timelines because of work schedule. So her timely responses helped both of us
move forward quickly.
I am accepted into LBS Sloan Master’s program in Strategy and Leadership.
I would definitely recommend MER to prospective applicants.

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