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I was tremendously pleased with my examPAL experience.
I was initially attracted because they guaranteed 70 point improvement, which I was looking for. It delivered :) (600==> 690 :) )
For starters, I found the interface was extremely "friendly" right of the bat - it gave me a clear progression path to base my study plan. No small thing given how confusing starting to study can be...
Next, the Introduction videos were really good. Clear and accessible, and not too "jargony" - everything that was taught was made clear why it was... After this the Lesson videos really opened my eyes to a whole range of answer strategies. prior to this I was really solving everything the same, "get-the-exact-calculation-no-matter-how-long-it-takes-you" kind of way... the lessons helped me become WAY more efficient.
Finally, the questions the course includes on each topic were really helpful... once again not too many, but for each question a clear explanation was given and I could really see as the practice progressed I was improving. This was probably the main thing that set this course apart from others I had tried - it wan't just solving blindly, it felt i was really learning.
Finally, I used a few of the course's "extras": I had two AWA essays reviewed, with tons of really helpful comments (I was a bit surprised cuz I thought I had done better lol - but the comments helped me improve :) ), and I did a tutor session which was super eye-opening! the tutor really quickly "diagnosed" some issues with how I was solving and gave me somre really easy and useful tips. really helpful

examPAL was all I could have asked for in a

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