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My GMAT journey ended well, with a 760 (Q47 V47) on the screen. This score helped me to get into my first-choice school, London Business School, where I just finished my first term. I also got thousands of £ in scholarship money. I suspect the score had a lot to do with this, so don't be cheap when it comes to GMAT prep!

It was a relatively short -3 month- but intense journey. I went to the test centre and got a 660, and two weeks after, a 760. In retrospect, there were four main components to it:

- examPAL: Taught me all contents tested on the GMAT (sets, geometry, etc). Most importantly, it made it bearable through its multiple strategies to maintain engagement (animations, stories, jokes).
I ended up in the 99th percentile but I started well below 700 and with a subpar quant. This product was key to lift me off the ground. If you're scoring 720+ you start thinking like a high performance GMAT athlete and you have different needs, but when you're getting started you need something that will keep your head up high while you go through all the different contents. examPAL is that product. After going through the whole examPAL course I went from 650 to 720, measured by GMAT prep tests. I'd recommend it to everyone getting started, especially if you often feel like giving up or are having a hard time focusing on GMAT material.
-OG. Made me solid, showed me many different variations of GMAT questions. I strongly advise against sitting for the GMAT without reviewing OG material.
- GMAT Prep tests. Allowed me to build stamina, try different strategies and get acquainted with the test format. I liked how examPAL included two extra tests. I did the four of them (2 free + 2 included with examPAL) and also purchased another test pack separately. I'd stay away from unofficial mock tests. They're just different from the real thing.
- Introspection. Allowed me to make something powerful out of the information that I had, and develop a strategy and a mindset that worked for me. No course will unleash the potential you don't know you have. Controlling stress made a huge difference.

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