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examPAL was a fantastic product


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examPAL was a fantastic product for preparing for the GMAT. I purchased the Premium package when I felt like I was plateauing with my studying after about 3 months. I felt that I had a good grasp on the content but needed help learning the best approach for each question type and examPAL was great for learning just that. Their personalized and adaptive approach of teaching you the best way for you to approach each question was just what I needed. Though I didn't get the score I was hoping for (shooting for a 700, see my scores below), it wasn't because I didn't know the material I just happened to score well on the verbal one day and well on the quant the next time.

Test #1: Q46 (62%) V38 (85%) IR6 (70%) T680 (83%)
Test #2: Q40 (41%) V43 (98%) IR7 (82%) T680 (83%)

I'm a pretty non-traditional candidate, I'm a dentist who has been practicing for the past 5 years so GMAT material and skills weren't exactly in my day to day job. My diagnostic test was a 560 so a 680 is quite an improvement. I'd recommend examPAL to anyone looking to score high on the GMAT.

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