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I cannot thank the ExamPAL tea enough for the help! As of the end of February 2017, I had a 660 GMAT and an opportunity to significantly improve my ability to receive financial aid at my top school with a score over 700. I chose your program (and chose to pay for the upgrade) based on the ability to work through key subjects in a month's time vs. some more traditional programs that needed 2 or 3 months. It obviously took a commitment of 20hrs/week from me, but having just gotten a 710 on my re-take, I'm 100% satisfied!I also really liked the interface of each lesson, and how the lessons were connected to each other.

I think the way your program is organized is very easy to follow and helped me study by giving me a lot of set check points. It made it less intimidating to come home from work and study for 2-3 hours until I finished a section as opposed to being overwhelmed and doing nothing. Additionally, it helped me deep dive into every subject to understand tactics, tips, tricks and strategies that you can't learn from book-driven studying, and avoid spending too much time on things that don't matter. Getting comfortable with the idea that, in many cases, you don't really have to know what you're doing to find the answer took some time to learn.

examPAL worked especially well for me because I needed the most help in math. Coming out of my 660, I did very well in verbal but lagged significantly in math. The program helped me focus my studying on the math topics. It would definitely have been harder for me to learn if I needed a lot of help on verbal so I can't really speak to your software in that regard. That being said, the tips and tricks for sentence correction helped me avoid some errors in my most recent test and improve my performance all around.

Thanks again for everything and I hope you guys are successful. The product is awesome and i'm confident that you can position it to take share from the entrenched test-help organizations, especially with younger customers

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