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examPAL was probably the most strategic choice I made during my GMAT preparation! I studied a little bit less than 3 months, it was a lot of work but in the end, I got a 650 for which I was super grateful and which was above the limit I needed to reach for the school I was applying to. Besides the practice questions and the PAL method, which is just amazing, some of the features I loved the most were the quiz in the lesson itself (to assess whether you understood the point you've just seen or not - which you wouldn't have if you would study from a book), the schedule with the intermediary "internal deadlines" (veeeeerry useful!) , and the order of the topics you go through! This order is very clever and it makes you review content from the previous chapters at each step. But most of all, I felt like I had real "private" tutors during those 3 months preparation. The examPAL team is available 7/7 and usually answers to your questions in a few hours. I also loved the "expert assessment" that I requested during my preparation. It was a full and detailed document about my overall performance, how I was doing and what I could improve. It was a very personal evaluation that I deeply appreciated. In a nutshell, examPAL really is tailored, private tutoring in the comfort of your home!

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