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I bought the quant course (although you can still access all the material, you just get enough credits to answer all the practice quant material), and I have to say it was absolutely brilliant.

You can tell from the quality of the site and its video and study materials that they have clearly put a lot of time and effort into creating a quality product.

The course is easily laid out, starting you off with the basics, before introducing new topics that generally require understanding of previous sections of the material. It was great to have a clear road-map and sense of progression as I worked my way through.

I spent 5-6 weeks using the product as my main source of learning (alongside answering OG practice questions) and scored Q49, 740 total (I achieved a 640 in my first ever practice GMAT, with Quant being comfortably my weakest area).

I think the best part of the course is how they show you different methods to solve each problem you come across. After a bit of practice it really helps you figure out what is most efficient for you. I initially really struggled with data sufficiency, but ExamPAL helped me get to grips with them.

Support wise, they are very quick to answer any questions, and there is a very helpful live chat box present on the website to make it easy to raise queries

I would recommend exampal to anyone unsure of which course to purchase

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