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Experts' Global Practice Tests - Must Have for GMAT Test Takers


- Quality of questions similar to the ones on GMAT Prep and real GMAT in terms of pattern and flavor.
- Testing user interface exceedingly similar to GMAT Prep/Real GMAT
- Brilliant post-test analytics
- 15 Practices tests at $50

As a GMAT Club moderator, I took the Experts' global course and practice tests included in the course. To be honest, I found the practice tests quite similar to the official practice tests offered by GMAT Prep. After each test, the software provides an in depth analysis of your performance. I can say on record that no other test prep company's practice tests provide such brilliant analytics. Most GMAT experts advise test takers to analyze every single practice test and having a ready made analysis after a test makes the job easier. Post test analysis includes progress graph for the overall test and each individual section, pie charts for incorrect questions topic wise for each section, bar graphs for accuracy in terms of topics and difficulty level, etc.

Very importantly, the predictive algorithm works effectively as you can feel the test gets tougher when you perform well. Also, the striking resemblance of the testing interface with real-GMAT helps to create an ideal testing condition. 15 Practices tests at $50 is absolutely incredible given an official exam pack with 2 practice tests costs $49.

I highly recommend the test series for the above mentioned reasons. I hope my review helps test takers to choose Experts' Global practice tests.

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