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Best Tests But Poor Analytics !


I used the exam pack 1 and exam pack 2 for my preparation. They are definitely the most accurate indicators of how you will do on the actual GMAT. My actual score was within ten points of my mock score during both my GMAT attempts. However the biggest problem with these tests is that they contain almost no analytics. Average time per question type and average time by question content is provided but that is too broad a classification. It would be really great if the software let us see time taken per question . Another minor issue is that the percentiles on the software do not reflect the current percentile tables. For example a Q49 is listed as the 83rd percentile whereas according to the latest data it is 79th percentile. The reviewing system is also not smooth. Content wise these are obviously the best tests in the market but GMAC could do a lot more to address the other issues such as insuffient analysis.

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