September 08, 2021

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Awesome for Quant prep and Fine for Verbal


GMAT CLUB tests questions that are more difficult than actual GMAT questions, but practicing those difficult questions push your quant score further. I have practiced their 600 and 700 level question and scored 48 in Quant.
I have given almost 90% of the Quant test and 50-60% of Verbal test.
Quant questions are created to test the presence of mind with clear basic concepts..needless to say, every question here does require skills to solve questions very similar to the actual test, thus improving competency in the quant section.

Verbal: I think Verbal tests are now becoming better in terms of the actual GMAT test. RCs are very good and are taken from diverse subjects. SC questions were, as usual, hard for me. CR questions were time-consuming. Overall a good feel and practice for the GMAT exam.
One drawback, I feel, is not having quant and verbal tests together but I think we can do that by setting our own time.

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