January 08, 2020

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Filthy Equipment, and excessively stringent staff


I've sat about 4 tests at the Sydney Market st location - couldn't see this on the list.

The test centre is pretty filthy. No matter what time of day i've taken the test, without fail, every time i touch the mouse and keyboard its oily and dirty.

Secondly, most recently everyone gets asked to pat themselves down.

I've worn skinny jeans and you could probably see my crotch if you looked in the right area, so I'm not sure why students need to pat themselves down before and after they enter the room. This is just stupid as there are enough cameras to catch someone cheating if the proctors are doing their job.

The other thing to note is just how absurd it is to be sat with people taking IELTS tests. The exam room quickly turns into a sweat-shop with the volume of IELTS examinees.

No two monitors are the same. Do you know how much of a difference this makes when the resolution is blown out on one screen and the resolution is sharp and perfect on another?

All the above adds some serious stress and barriers to performing well on the GMAT.

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