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I had the opportunity to work with GMATBusters for my GMAT quant preparation. He is an extremely kind and humble person who would be always available for you to clarify your doubts.

When I started my GMAT preparation I used to commit a lot of silly mistakes. GMAT penalizes heavily for getting incorrect answers for simple questions. Praveen Sir is a master of trap questions. He has many self made trap questions that closely resemble the questions tested on the actual GMAT. Trap questions are not very difficult but very tricky. If you don't beleive me you can check GMATBusters quant quizzes that have many such simple but tricky questions. Once I started solving numerous trap questions, I was able to reduce the number of silly mistakes I used to commit.

Secondly, I was very comfortable with solving sub 600 and 600-700 level questions but I used to take much more than two minutes to solve 700 level questions and before solving the question completely I used to panic thinking about how much time I have taken to solve this question and finally end up getting incorrect answer. The best advise came from Praveen sir, He told me it is not a good technique to try to solve all the questions under two minutes. Some questions do take more than two minutes, so it is very important not to panic but to focus on solving the question completely. I cannot stress more upon how important this advise has been for me throughout my GMAT preparation journey and during my actual test. I have taken my time and I was able to get correct answers for many 700 level questions.

Praveen Sir is very strong in quant concepts so he ensures that all his students learn the right approach to solve a question. A major part of his tutoring session is focused on learning the right approach to solve a question. It is so important to have the correct approach to excel in the GMAT quant section.

I would highly recommend GMATBusters tutoring sections to those who are struggling with quant and to those who are aiming to score 48+ in the GMAT quant section.

Sir Thank You so much for your patience in clarifying my doubts and for your enormous contributions in my GMAT quant preparation.

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