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I came to know about GMATBusters last year when I saw the GMATBusters Quant Quiz in the The Quality of questions was very good, and it was fun to solve the questions. I liked solving the questions. Some of the questions were based on basic concepts but had traps that made them difficult to answer correctly. I felt that I know it but failed to answer correctly almost all the time initially. I contacted him and got in contact with him on Whatsapp. GMATBusters also used to take a webinar sometimes. It was informative. His approach to questions was quite different and intuitive. I loved his approach to Geometry DS questions.
He made me understand the approach to make and use error log efficiently, avoid the silly errors, how to strengthen the base concepts first before going for high-level questions.
The best part with GMATBusters is that he very much approachable, I used to approach him in between the sessions to resolve the specific queries. This very quality differentiates from most of the tutors/coaches available in the market. He empathizes with a student and considers a student's success as his own.
In a nutshell, I owe my success to GMATBusters Sir; He is as much a kind person as much a Quant Wizard.

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