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I have had an amazing time learning from GMATBusters. I remember a time I was stuck with this complicated P&C question, and I pinged him with my queries, and he provided me with 3-4 different ways to approach the same problem. His personalized focus, combined with his firm grip on the every topic in Quant, helped me get a good hold on quant section. I used to stay awake by 4:00 AM to solve his beautifully crafted GMAT specific quant questions that he used to post as a part of GMATBuster Quizzes - one of the best ones. If you are able to solve them, you are definitely getting Q50-51. Follow him, take classes with him, or just ping him for a query, he will always be there to help!! I owe a lot to him so giving it a bit back in the form of testimonial!! Cheers!!

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