February 08, 2021

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Course GMATBusters One hour Package

Instructor GMATBusters Tutor

Location Online

GMATBusters is one of the best online tutors . The best thing about the tutor is that he specifically works on your weak areas. I improved from Q 47 to Q 49, which is a significant progression considering the fact that to improve every single point in quant is tougher than it seems to be. The tutor is also flexible with the content of the class you want.

For example, in one of the classes, I asked him to take just DS on integer properties and mix it up with hard PS on Geometry. And boy was I amazed with the session !!! The tutor also provided video recording, and during the class, he gave enough time to solve the question rather than feed formula or an approach of a spoon.

The tutor helped me analyze questions, enhancing my approach towards a quant question. You can get a free demo class from the rewards section of the gmatclub. SHOUTOUT TO GMC TEAM !!!!
No of sessions taken = 6

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