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Haasome Whirlwind
January 29 | 2016
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Business school is going by in a (wonderful, intense) blur. I recommend taking some time to reflect on what you want out of b-school and your career before school starts. As soon as August comes around, you will be too busy to do any real reflecting.

Haas is an extraordinary place to be part of. If the school's values match with your own, b-school at Haas will be the best time of your life.

Culture is everything here at Haas. Admissions takes it seriously, as do the students. One huge benefit of having a small class with truly humble, smart students, is the level of trust we place in each other (and our Alumni place in us). I would trust every single one of my classmates with an assignment or a job, and that is a big deal.

Finally, every school talks about its collaborative environment, but Haas actually delivers on this front. The curriculum and grading is designed so we are encouraged to work together vs compete.

Good luck in your b-school search!

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