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Consultant: Bill (SBC)

I initially inquired about an admissions consulting service because I wasn't sure how to approach my essays and there was concern about my undergraduate GPA.

After my free consultation with Bill Chonis of Stacy Blackman, I decided to work with Bill on an hourly basis. We clicked right off the bat, and yes, chemistry is extremely important for someone to have with his/her consultant. I found Bill to be extremely professional, insightful, and because of the application deadlines I had to meet, very timely and responsive throughout the whole process.

Bill had the patience of saint with me in regards to writing my essays as it took awhile for me to find my “voice.”(I never thought that Bill was trying to get more hours out of me since I was on an hourly rate. And Yes, I am a very cynical person. For the five hours I was charged from Stacy Blackman, I probably worked with Bill 6.5-7 hrs.)

On a side note, Stacy Blackman does have some great tips on a PDF that you can send to your recommenders. I would get my hands on this.

Before hiring Bill, I read many reviews on GMATCLUB of the various consulting services and although the majority of the reviews are positive for most of the consulting companies, you’ll always find a few negative ones in the bunch. I think most of the individuals who wrote the negative reviews are the ones who didn’t get into their school of choice. Keep in mind, these consultants aren’t miracle workers. Some just give you the best chance of getting into your school of choice. However, I do believe that a great admissions consultant manages the expectations of his or her client.

I am giving a five star review of Bill Chonis of Stacy Blackman Consulting. I have no idea how the other consultants are over at Stacy Blackman, but I assure you that Bill is an excellent admissions consultant. My advice is to make sure you click with your admission’s consultant before moving forward and at least talk to two different consultants before making a decision.

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