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Some, but not all

Consultant: Margaret

I was skeptical at first at the value of an MBA consultant, but after going through the process I am so happy I hired Stacy Blackman. I used Margaret to help me edit my essays only (hourly service) and she was amazing. She challenged me to think through the real meaning of my essays and my story and pushed me to answer the questions in the best ways. I would send her essays which I thought were done and she was great in telling me I needed more. I don't think I could have come out with better essays.

I applied to the top 2 schools and received interviews at both. I was accepted at one and waitlisted at the other. After I told Margaret I was waitlisted she gave me her advice on how to approach a waitlist even though our hours were over.

I've had an extremely professional and positive experience with SB. I think Stacy Blackman was instrumental in helping me effectively communicate my story and would recommend them to anyone.

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