February 13, 2016

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Incredibly helpful!


Prior to applying to business school, I spoke with a number of my friends who are currently students at some of the top business schools (HBS, GSB and Wharton) for advice. More than half of them used admissions consultants and spoke highly of the benefits. Although I was initially skeptical, I can say with absolute certainty now that working with an admissions consultant was invaluable throughout my b-school application process and ultimately helped me get into my top choice b-school.

After "shopping" around for admissions consultants, I decided to work with Eric (HBS alum) on an hourly basis, focusing primarily on my essays. Eric is amazing - he would challenge me and really push my writing to the next level. For example, instead of just laundry listing resources that a school had in my essay, he pushed me to dig deeper and connect the dots as to why those resources are important to me and my goals. He helped me bring out the best in my essays without rewriting anything and still keeping my authentic voice.

Eric was also great at getting revisions back to me at lightning speed. This was crucial when it came close to deadlines. Even though we worked together on an hourly basis, Eric was super helpful in answering all sorts of questions via e-mail without ever "deducting" from my hourly time, which I really appreciated.

Result: accepted to my dream school, HBS! Highly recommend Eric.

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