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Kim Leb - First-rate MBA consultant


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Consultant Kim Leb

With minimal knowledge about the MBA admissions process and a less-than-ideal resume, I knew that an MBA consultant would give me the best chances of getting accepted into my target school. I could not have asked for a better consultant than Kim Leb. Kim helped me through each step of the application process in a diligent, thoughtful, efficient, and friendly, warm manner. To begin, she highlighted weak areas of my application and gave me helpful suggestions for ways to beef up those parts and address them in my submission. Kim also did an amazing job helping consolidate my thoughts into a coherente video essay that turned out to be far better than I imagined. Usually, when you have an idea in your head about how something will turn out, the reality, unfortunately, is not as great. But with the help of Kim, my video essay actually surpassed my expectations! Kim also helped prep me for all of the interview questions I could expect by holding a mock trial with me over the phone despite a ridiculous 9-hour time change as I was/am living outside the U.S. Kim's tips, constructive feedback, and words of encouragement truly allowed me to come off the way I had hoped in my interviews despite any nerves I had. Lastly, I had some sensitive areas of my application that I was not sure how to discuss . Kim not only was very understanding, but she gave me the best possible advice on how to go forward with those pieces and helped put to rest any doubts or fears I had. Ultimately, Kim is a very genuine, insightful, and easy person to get along with and she will help in any way possible to help you craft the best version of yourself in your application and interviews.

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