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March 16 | 2016
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I think the culture at Johnson is amazingly diverse yet tight-knit. I know this sounds cliche, but I am being sincere. Within Cornell, Johnson is most integrated with the Baker Real Estate School and Law School. I was shocked when I took a class on the other side of campus (within the Policy Analysis & Mgmt) and discovered a whole community of talented individuals who congregated in a massive building with ultra-progressive facilities (MVR). I feel like I discover something new and exciting each day I walk onto campus.

To be honest, I was not prepared for the rigorous and fast-is paced curriculum at Johnson. With half semesters, there seems to come a point where tests and quizzes are non-stop and something clustered is devious arrangements. Initially recruiting for I-Banking, I quickly became immersed in recruiting (Corporate Briefings and universally loved crop circles; off-campus events; traveling to the city for interviews --> thank heaven for the Cornell Club; etc). The opportunities are there for Johnson students...if you make the cut, you will interviewing on Superdays right alongside H/S/W applicants). The one aspect that can improve a bit is the traditional procedures associated with club --> 2nd year --> bank interaction. A more progressive approach (which I believe is in the works) will go a long way.

The biggest draw for Johnson is the flexibility it provides for career switchers. There are loads of opportunity for every industry and job type; for example, I interviewed for traditional investment banking roles, managerial program roles, consulting roles, etc. Most were larger corporations and bulge bracket firms, but some were more boutique.

My classmates have been some of the most intellectual and genuine people I have met in my life.

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