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This review is for: Kaplan GMAT Prep - In Person
Location: Princeton, NJ USA
Taught by: Meghan Ferrer

I joined the Kaplan in person course to help me prepare for GMAT. I have a job that requires a lot of travel and I joined the course to help me plan and prepare for my exam. The materials were good (they can be better organized, though). However, the tutor we had (Meghan) was really good and helped us use the materials better and was especially terrific at pointing out patterns and study tips. The class timings were well designed for working professionals.

Meghan was professional, well prepared for each class and went out of the way to cater to the various students in class, each at a different point of their GMAT preparation timeline. Based on what I heard and read (from other review sites), Meghan exceeded my expectations on the value I will get from the class.

The course center in Parsippany, NJ could have been better (white boards did not work).

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Created by Milana1234567

June 10, 2017

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