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Location: Online
Taught by: Dennis Yim

I had been studying on my own here and there but hadn't really set a schedule. This was just what I needed to focus my efforts and identify my weaknesses through the CATs. The online course comes with 7 CATs that give in depth stats on how you performed.

I signed up for the Kaplan Live Online course not knowing who I would get for an instructor. Boy did I luck out! I enjoyed Dennis's teaching style immensely. He was also able to keep the atmosphere light and I NEVER felt like I was being rushed through things or that he wasn't willing to go back and look at something. It wasn't uncommon at all to go back and reexamine a problem if someone had an issue.

Rachel, the assistant teacher, was also extremely helpful. Kaplan has a public chat that everyone sees and a private chat where you can talk to the assistant teacher. Rachel was very responsive and helped to clear things up I may not have wanted to admit to in the public chat.

If Kaplan allows it, I would recommend requesting these two for your classes. My flex sessions were all with different instructors and I didn't like their style compared to Dennis and Rachel. Second to none!

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