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I found the Kaplan course to be really helpful for someone like me - weak quant background, needed a light refresher of the basics and a heavy amount of training on the GMAT strategies. For people like me, Quant answers/question types don't just "click" like they do for others. The course was the perfect foundation and the book and homework assignments helped me hone in.

More than all of this though, the most valuable resource was the course instructors. They really stressed we could reach out to them after the course was over. I reached out to my instructors over 20 times with screenshots/pictures of questions - not just from Kaplan but also from OG, and they would provide detailed answers/explanations. They even followed up before and after my GMAT, with well wishes. I really felt I got my moneys worth becuase of the time and dedication they had for their students.

As a side note - the Kaplan Qbank is awesome and comprehensive, and the way you are able to create question sets based on not just quant/verbal, but the question topics within each section was invaluable to my GMAT prep.

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