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January 10 | 2017
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Krannert's biggest downside are their career services, provided the Krannert Professional Development Center. If you are willing to sacrifice your goals and expectations, then you will have no problem finding a job, as the KPDC is very rigid and 'cookie-cutter' in their job advice. Essentially, they will tell you to hammer the pavement, while giving you a rubber hammer. Their ability to provide meaningful and personalized career advice is nonexistent.

The best example I can provide: I've met with my career coach throughout the MBA Program. Recently, I seriously approached her with a unique job suggestion. Rather than helpfully encourage or work through a solution with me, her response was: "Maybe you should go back to what you were doing before you started the program." As with most MBA students, a primary goal is to elevate your job status - not fall backward. This type of feedback is not helpful in any way.

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