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Manhattan GMAT is really a first-class organization from top to bottom. A little bit about my history with the organization and then some of the highlights: I took a course back in summer of 2011 and took the GMAT once after the course and got a 660. I was disappointed in the result, but decided to step away and return to the GMAT in early 2012, when I signed up for a discounted 9-week course as a second-time student. Took the test 4 days ago and got a 740. Needless to say, I am pleased with the outcome.

A few highlights about the organization:

* Customer Service is Incredible: Every time I call this Company, someone very nice answers and helps me through whatever issue I have. I've almost never experienced such consistency with another Company.

* Online Platform: The whole OG Archer online question bank, Eluminate platform, and general "onlinenness" of the business is first-rate. I loved doing questions on the Archer so I could track progress and time, and I utilized a lot of the Thursdays with Ron.

* Charismatic and Nice Teachers: Really sets them apart, the fact that they screen teachers so heavily to get ones that are charismatic, that are smart, that are genuinely nice, and that really care how you do.

* Plethora of Prep Programs outside of the 9-week Course: I took advantage of everything I could. Thursdays with Ron. The Quest for 750 Workshops. I thought the fact that I had all of this at my fingertips was great, and as a 9-week student I got discounts.

* Overall Just Caring How You Do: I felt like the "discounted" nature of my second course showed they cared about MY outcome. They cared what I got. Plus, they have so many 1-on-1 assessments to really prep you for test day.

Overall, I am glad I never have to take the GMAT again (it's been a long 4 months), but if I had to do it all over again there is no doubt I would use Manhattan GMAT. I have already referred multiple friends. Hope this Helps and Good Luck!

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