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I did some research and asked around about other courses and the most positive I kept hearing about was Manhattan, minus the cost. It is expensive, but it was worth it because I had heard many success stories from others and I knew I needed a top score. I have taken the course twice, both in-person and online.

The in-person class was great, the instructor (Liz) was incredibly smart. She explained all nuances of an entire class of problems while explaining the answer choices. Her focus was all about why the wrong answer is wrong and why the right answer is right. She would also go over tips to improve guessing odds and she wouldn't stop there, she would make sure that all different methods of approaching the question have been exhausted and beaten to death.

The books are very good and many will recommend just to buy those whether or not you take the course. If you're tight on money that might not be a bad idea, because you get access to their online tests if you simply purchase a book. The books help give the same unique way of tackling all the different problem types that they discuss in class. The OG Archer explanations are also way better than in the official guide itself.

Overall the course helped force me to push myself, do the practice, come to class, and ultimately know the best way to tackle the whole process. Expert advice every step of the way. In a Nutshell MGMAT is the best period, but opt for the in-person class it because I feel its a million times better than the online version.

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