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If you're on the fence about taking a course, here are a few reasons why I would take the Mgmat course:

1. Manhattan GMAT's course offers you a comprehensive review of all topics on the test so you know you've seen a little bit of everything and are covering your bases.

2. Even if you're good at self study, the course is worth it. I am the type of person that sets aside time, but taking the course really helped me focus three solid hours at a faster pace that I normally would by myself. The class pushes you and offers you an insight into how other students analyze a problem. This helps you learn multiple techniques to solve the problems faster.

3. Mgmat teachers are incredible. Jonathan Schneider was my instructor and he was great at explaining problems in various ways and telling us which ones to prioritize since they came up less frequently on the GMAT. He takes the GMAT various times throughout the year so can also comment on variations on the problem that he has seen. Importantly, I emailed him several times after the course was done and he sent me long emails with tips around how to work on my timing and study strategy. He also reviewed my practice exam results and told me what topics to focus on and which ones not to work on any longer. This extra support is valuable and what you pay for. Also, Jonathan was great because he was able to insert a lot of humor and connect GMAT problems with real world problems which really helped me remember the content.

4. If you already took the course once, taking it again only costs $300. Do it. I took the course twice (first time was two years ago so I needed a refresher) and got a lot out of the second time. Its the same material, but with a deeper understanding of the test, you can really master the basic material.

5. If I had to compare Mgmat to Vertas, I think the material is largely the same, but in my situation, I found that the GMAT instructor was more comprehensive, used the time more wisely, and was more entertaining. With Vertias, I felt as though there were some topics that weren't covered and that we sometimes spent too much time on solving practice problems instead of teaching important content. A good mix of both is what I was looking for.

Overall, I achieved a 710, 44 V / 44Q / 6 AWA and my first practice test score after taking the course was probably closer to a 600.

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