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I was not excited about ponying up the cash but I am so glad I did. I was dragging my feet on the GMAT and this course a) got my butt in gear, b) made me familiar with each topic, c) broke down the importance of each area and d) made me familiar with test taking strategies. I took the class with Steven Jupiter who was fantastic and very no-nonsense (good approach to have for the GMAT!).

Steven was good for both topics but my main weakness was in verbal (Reading comp and critical reasoning) and he totally nailed it for me. I don’t know how else to explain it except that I went to his class, did some practice sets, and that was that.

Regarding Manhattan GMAT in general: I appreciated that they had simulated testing rooms, too, and a seemingly unlimited amount of resources. My only advice would be to grab the "road to the GMAT" at the very beginning of the course - it can assist in providing study tips. Again, can't say how much this was worth it - I went from a 680 to 750.

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