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A rewarding course!
January 12 | 2013
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I like the course overall. The class was fun and engaging. As an ESL learner, I especially like MGMAT's SC book and the FOGV book. I like the way they teach Quant, but I do think it takes extra practice besides attending the course to ace the GMAT.

Additionally, I like MGMAT's student service. They are quick in response and helpful in terms of tailoring the course (time/location/make-up) and providing information that could be helpful not only to the GMAT but to the whole MBA application.

Finally, I scored 510(with 0 preps)for the first mock test, and three months later in a real test I scored 690, and another month later I concluded my journey of GMAT with a 740. I hope that is an encouragement to people who are on their way of beating the GMAT— don't give up, and you will get there!

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