GMAT Course Review
MGMAT Review
May 07 | 2013
     By JRW92486 2 5
Self-reported Score:







Overall I would strongly recommend purchasing the MGMAT 9 Session Course. It was well worth the money. I actually did the online course because I travel for work and the platform was great. I did not feel like anything was lost not phsyically being in class. What the MGMAT does so well is teach you HOW to study and also guide you and guage your progress as you go.

They provide in class sessions that go over problems and teach important principles in both quant and verbal. The sentence correction work was extremely useful. The guide they give details exactly what problems you should be working on each week and is really helpful to keep you following a path and not becoming inconsistent with studying. This is vital.

Whenever I had questions or concerns my instructors answered them promptly and even helped with a post-9 class session study road map to keep me in my study habits up until test day.

In total:
Overall: 750
Quant: 48
Verbal: 44

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