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May 21 | 2013
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Preparing for the GMAT obviously goes without saying. But many are understandably apprehensive about paying $1000+ for an in-person course on top of $250 per GMAT session, etc. I certainly was one of those people. But think of it this way: a bump in your GMAT score, which is probably inevitable with a good course/instructor, can mean the difference between so many things: a safety school vs. a dream school; paying sticker vs. receiving a scholarship; confidence going into the app season vs. apprehension about candidacy; etc. So the money should easily be rationalized given the huge importance of your GMAT score.

But which to take?? I spent a lot of time researching programs and it was clear that Manhattan GMAT had an edge, first and foremost because of its superior print materials. Not to say that other programs don't put out good stuff -- they do -- but MGMAT really seemed to have an edge. Full disclosure, I previously had taken an LSAT course with Angela, so I was confident in her ability to teach. So I chose MGMAT and was extremely pleased. Certainly you could use the MGMAT print materials alone, but augmenting those w/ a strict lesson plan and interactive weekly classes meant the difference between an active/engaged and a passive/solitary style of preparation. I am biased, obviously, but I really believe the former is worth its weight in gold, and MGMAT is the way to go.

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