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August 28 | 2013
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I took a GMAT review class with Manhattan GMAT's instructor, Ron. First let me say, he is a total genius! Because of that fact, if you're like me, you are likely to feel a little bit inadequate in his classes as he moves through the problems with ease. Don't let this get you down though. You want the best there is, and you've got him. Ron is amazing at providing different avenues for solving tough problems, which ultimately will make all the difference in increasing your confidence level (and your score) come test day. For me personally, I more or less figured out verbal from the beginning, but I really struggled with quant after not doing things like geometry for many years. Ron helped me to realize that the GMAT is like having a really busy but successful day at work - you are stressed, but on top of it. I went into the test remembering that and I walked out with a 740! I actually drove all the way from San Francisco to Santa Clara to take his class on a friend's recommendation, and I have not regretted the travel once. As my friend is starting at a top 10 b-school and I am starting to fill out my applications, I know that Ron gave us both a solid GMAT foundation to start from. Thanks Ron!

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