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I had the best experience with MGMAT and specifically my tutor Avi Gutman. I took both the prep class and added some private tutoring in lead up to my writing date.

I had written the GMAT once before and scored high 600s - but needed to break 700+. I had a miserable experience studying the first time.

Avi made the process interesting and engaging, and I actually understood the underlying themes and concepts - rather than being tied to formulas and cue cards! It was a great process, from registry to the end. Avi was super invested in each of the students in our prep class - he really made sure that you understood and were able to independently problem solve. He always stayed to answer any questions and responded to emails so patiently. Well worth the time and $.

I wrote recently and got my target score- just as planned! And I was easily the most relaxed kid in the test room. Can't recommend him and MGMAT enough.

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