February 18, 2014

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If you really want to beat GMAT, I wholeheartedly recommend you Manhattan GMAT. The company is very serious, their books are fantastic (algebra, geometry, fractions, number properties, etc - all of them are awesome). Very clear and simple to understand, before reading them and solving the problems in each chapter I had many question marks. They really helped me to understand topics that seemed hard up to that point.

Then, if you need a private tutor, I fully recommend you to ask for Sarah Ryan. I know she is very busy, but maybe you will have the luck I had and get some hours with her. She is fantastic: very serious, punctual, responds to all your emails and questions very promptly, she is very professional. She taught me the best strategies that one needs in order to ace the GMAT. Before working with her, I had another private tutor - from another company - and it was a total disaster! He would never reply when I asked for the problem's solutions, he didn't teach me any strategy rgd timing or guessing etc. Unfortunately I wasn't aware of this until someone asked me if my tutor taught me how to guess...Then I realized what happened but it was too late. My first GMAT score reflected this - it was much below the score I aimed at. With Sarah it was different from the first meeting - she shared with me all the important things that one needs for a 700 score: how to look at challenging problems, how to guess, how to prepare to be efficient, what's the psychology of the test. Actually, not only did she teach me so many things, but she also helped me to rebuild my self-confidence that was pretty shaken after my previous tutoring experience. She is very smart, open, it is a real pleasure to talk to her. You really feel you have a professional tutor next to you. She adapts her style to each student and shows you how to solve problems in different ways, which is very helpful. She gives you homework and challenges you. She tells you what you have to improve, helps you with clear explanation and directs you toward the tools needed to do this. She is very good.

I know that private tutoring is pretty expensive, but now, when I receive invitations to the interviews from some of the best schools in the world, I am happy I made this investment. So don't hesitate if it's about money! It pays back!

In conclusion: if you want to prepare for GMAT using a company, go for Manhattan GMAT - don't take the risk with cheaper offers that could disappoint you and finally make you pay more! I am sure MGMAT has the right product for you, so have a look. Furthermore, they have the best customer service ever - you will see.
And if you want a very good private tutor, ask for Sarah Ryan.

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