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Kim is amazing!
December 01 | 2014
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I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and raving appreciation for your teacher and tutor Kimberly Cabot. I took the online Interact Manhattan GMAT course and, after 4 months of studying, was actually seeing my score get lower and lower. Three days before I was supposed to take the GMAT I scheduled a last minute tutoring session (30 mins) and was lucky enough to get Kimberly as my instructor.

In 30 minutes (which she was patient enough to begin 10 minutes late because of technical difficulties on my end) she completely turned around my approach to the GMAT and, as a result, my score. I received a 700 after scoring no higher than a 660 on any practice exam (the last practice exam I did took before the tutoring session gave me a 620). During our session she quickly and effectively pinpointed what I needed to work on, rephrased my approach to and strategy for the questions, gave me a solid game plan to practice in the few remaining days, and even followed up with a summary file of what we had discussed.

In short, Kimberly effectively and completely turned around my GMAT strategy and my score. I would highly recommend her to any prospective business school applicants, and I am so very grateful!

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