November 11, 2019

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Great Experience with Reed Arnold


I worked with Reed at Manhattan Prep NYC from May-August 2019. I came in to tutoring scoring around 560-610 on a few practice GMATs I had taken. In September, I ended up scoring a 710 (45Q, 41V)! Reed's patience, clever strategies/tricks and expertise were a critical part of my GMAT journey. I am by no means a natural test taker, but with persistence and Reed's guidance I was able to exceed my target score. Not only is he fun to work with, but he is great at tailoring each lesson exactly to what you need (sometimes he knew what I needed better than I did) for both Quant and Verbal. I highly recommend working with Reed if you are looking to improve you GMAT score. I can genuinely say that not only did his expertise greatly help my score but also that I looked forward to every session! It's been a pleasure.

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