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Finally, I hit Q50!!
February 02 | 2017
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During the GMAT test, I had hard time in getting last 5-6 hard questions correct. My score was 46
to 47 even after studying really hard. But, after learning Variable approach for DS, especially CMT
(CMT is common mistake type according to Math Revolution), I could solve the last hard
questions correctly. 700+ level questions are very useful and helpful unlike other test preps.
I liked their unique, very logical approaches in solving hard questions. If we try to solve these questions in a conventional way, it will take at least 5-6 min per question, but if I apply Variable approach and IVY approach, it took only 2 min or maximum 3 min. I also noticed that these questions are recent types of questions that I could see some similar types in actual exam.
I finally hit Q50, which was my dream score. Also, great value for money!

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