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Thanks for 720, Math Rev!
November 01 | 2018
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Math Revolution's 700 level question pack is very thorough and helpful. I decided to purchase their 700 level questions (only $29). Since GMAT questions are toguh, If you solve these questions in a typical or conventional way, it will take over 10 minutes per question which will hurt your test time. With Math Revolution's approach, I could solve them within 2 minutes per question. Another amazing thing is that these types of questions are actually appearing in actual exam. So, I could feel comfortable when I encountered 700 level questions at the exam. One tip for everyone is that you should learn CMT 3,4 (Common Mistake type) for DS to achieve Q49 or above. It is very unique way of solving very hard DS questions taught by Math Revolution. In terms of English, I don't have any issues in understanding solutions. If someone buys it without subscribing their on demand video course, they may have some difficulties because Math Revolution's approach is very unique. Taking both on-demand video course and 700+ questions is highly recommended.

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