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Hi everyone,

All I can say is don't give up. Back in September of 2016 I took "the test" after 4 months of dogged preparation and scored a 540. My practice scores were in the range of 640-670. My Quant hovered around a 46... On the actual test I got a 42...

I just couldn't understand. I put in so much effort, yet I couldn't get passed a certain threshold. I choked under pressure and on the actual test I guessed on my last 6 problems. I felt defeated and knew I needed to do something different.

I think the issue was that I was practicing problems that dated back 4-6 years and weren't truly indicative of how the test is currently structured. I stumbled upon Math Revolution (MR) through a GMAT Club article actually explaining this fact. GMAT Test takers are taking a different approach to recent Quant problems and MR had a unique approach to understanding HOW to catch yourself by avoiding the common traps. I became intrigued and signed up for 2 products: 1) Daily Quiz and 2) The All-IN 51 course. I felt like I knew my concepts fairly well, but I needed to 1) reduce careless mistakes and 2) significantly improve speed.

I think if I boil it up to those 2 things, MR helps you completely slash conventional ways of solving problems The tricks I learned for data sufficiency actually helped me solve problems within 30 seconds... I'm not kidding. I used to do drills every day with the problems in the MR DS question bank and my goal was to solve 10 problems without picking up a pencil. I memorized the key hints within a problem, for example MR will tell you if it's a proportions problem and DS question gives you X information, then you know the answer is C. These little tips & tricks significantly helped my time.

DS was the driving force to reduce my careless mistakes. With the freed up time on DS questions, I could spend more time on difficult PS questions. The reality is on the real test you're going to questions that will take longer than 2.5 minutes to solve, but the key is to be very methodical and for lack of better word, careful in solving the problems.

I completed the full-course in 1 month and saw tremendous results. Their approach, although non-conventional, actually worked. A few days before my exam, I took a practice test and scored a 710 (Q49, V38). I felt good and scheduled my test for a week later.

On the day of, I got a good night rest. My test was at 1pm, so I had plenty of time to ease into the morning, which was nice. Almost 4 hours later, my screen read 710 with a Q50... I couldn't believe it. Towards the end I was getting some really tough problems, then the questions got pretty easy. For example, my last 2 were pretty straight forward ratio and GCF problems. At the end of the day everyone can learn the concepts, but you need to avoid careless mistakes and improve your timing to crack this test. And MR made that happen for me, so I thank them for creating a truly unique program.

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