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A letdown
October 16 | 2017
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After reading all the positive reviews here, I thought Math Revolution would be just what I needed. Boy, was I wrong. The Verbal section is easy for me, but I had always struggled with the Quant section and even getting a 45 (a 3 pt improvement) would have been a big boost and would have given me a great score when pared with my verbal. I spent a little over two months going through more or less the entire course.

First off, make sure you understand their guarantee and refund policy. To their credit, when they heard that I didn't do well on the test, they offered to extend my subscription for free. I thought that was a nice gesture.

Some parts of the Math Revolution course were good. The variable approach method is novel and certainly helped me with time management, if not getting the correct answer. Some of the videos explaining problem solutions were good.

Unfortunately... some things were pretty bad. The Math Basics is just poorly done. The person they hired to do those explanations has no ability as a teacher. Various problems throughout were poorly explained. There were numerous errors in the problems/explanations, and twice when I tried to notify them of the error, their customer service tried to tell me it was actually correct! Luckily on those instances I persisted and eventually they admitted their error.

The IVY approach for Problem Solving was, for me at least, not very useful. I think it may be useful for people who are not fluent in English, but a lot of focus is on understanding the question, when I needed help with the actual mathematical steps. In the end, after at least 100 hours, my quant score actually dropped two points. I did the free trial of another program, which I won't mention, and wish I had used that program instead. Math revolution may work for others, but it did not work well for me.

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